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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Amia - Noticias לאתר בתי העלמין היהודיים בבואנוס איירס

Amia - Noticias

Tuesday, December 14, 2004



Slovakia has a population of almost 5.4 million people living in an area bounded by Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. Slovak was a minority nationality in the Northern Counties (Upland) of Hungary that were carved of Hungary after WW I and became the Slovak components of Czechoslovakia, until Hitler broke Czechoslovakia up (Munich Agreement), incorporating Sudetenland into Germany, making Bohemia, Moravia into Protectorate, and Slovakia an independent state.

Jewish cemeteries

Jewish cemeteries: "On this webpage you can find information about Jewish Cemetery in the Eastern Slovakia. If you had some relatives in the Eastern Slovakia and you want to find some information you are in right place.
Here are more than 270 photos from 42 dokumented cemeteries. A list of other non-documented cemeteries is at the 'all cemeteries' link at the left. Videos, deportation list and information about Jewish population during WWII. "

Project Rat-Beil Strasse Frankfurt-Germany

Project Rat-Beil Strasse Frankfurt-Germany
At the end of the summer in the year 2004 we began the entire documentation of the Jewish cemetery at the "Rat-Beil-Street" in Frankfurt. On that 73,000 square meter large area are nearly 40,000 graves in 142 different large grave fields. Already 7,000 gravestones are photographed at the end of November.

engl fr 1 kv

engl fr 1 kvארכיון המלחמה האוסטרי